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Fiction Meets Science: Remediating Science

Fiction Meets Science (FMS) is an international research group that brings together scholars and creative practitioners from across the world to explore the literary and social implications of ‘fiction writers [who] have been creating new kinds of stories about science—its practices and concepts, people and institutions, products and societal fall-out’. FMS is based in Bremen in Germany where David and… Read more →

Playing God Workshop: plenary video

Please find below a recording of the plenary talk given at our Playing God Workshop (31st May – 1st June) by television documentary producers and directors, Paul Sapin and Michael Waterhouse.

In the plenary they discuss making documentaries that explore the interface between science and religion, and their personal experiences being part of the religion department at the BBC, during a time when religious programming was being evermore marginalised within the schedule.

Session introduced and chaired by Ray Macauley. As ever, we encourage comments, feedback and discussion in the comments section below!