Exploring the relationship between science and entertainment media


Evangelizing the Cosmos: Science Documentaries and the Dangers of Wonder Overload

Any fan of popular science would be excused if they felt as if they were currently experiencing “wonder overload.” The concept of “wonder” has become omnipresent across the science and entertainment landscape but it has particularly found a home in contemporary science documentaries. Wonder certainly plays a central role as a framing device for the recent Cosmos re-boot presented by… Read more →


The Science Sleuths: Fighting Crime with ‘Science’ in Golden Era Comics

Jill Trent first appeared in issue #6 of the pulp comic The Fighting Yank published by Nedor Comics. The Fighting Yank was a patriotic Second World War series launched in 1941 and was about ‘America’s Bravest Defender’ – Nedor’s pulpy equivalent to the Shield and Captain America. Jill Trent is a rather unusual character for the era; a scholarly female scientist who used her… Read more →


The Twelve Days of Science Entertainment

The Holidays are full of festive cheer, presents, and… science. We managed to put together a list of new and classic Christmas film and television offerings that incorporate or engage with science (at least vaguely – give us some leeway, it’s Christmas!). Comment below if there’s anything that you think we missed! For twelve days over Christmas, The Science Entertainment… Read more →