Exploring the relationship between science and entertainment media

Marey (1886) Cheval Blanc

(Un)Reality Checks: Brains, Glitches, and Cinematographic Vision

A couple of years ago, a picture was posted on the internet of what appears to be a point of sales (POS) receipt for a ‘functionality check’ on a television. The printed receipt includes a concise and somewhat cryptic description of a customer complaint about the television 3d function. The provenance and authenticity of the receipt as well as the… Read more →


Rise of the Women?: Screening Female Scientists

One of my major issues with the most recent addition to the Planet of the Apes franchise, Dawn of the Planets of the Apes (Reeves, 2014), were the roles available to women – both human and ape. In my blog on the film I explored some of my thoughts on it and I noted that (the very few) female characters were… Read more →


Battlestar Mormonica: Of Gods, Aliens, and Strength Through Technology

When talking about of Battlestar Galactica, science, and religion, one will undoubtedly think of Ronald D. Moore’s re-imagined Battlestar Galactica (BSG) from 2003 rather than its predecessor, Glen A. Larson’s short-lived space opera of 1978. A sci-fi series that was not only uncharacteristically conservative for liberal Hollywood, but has also been regarded as one of the most impressive science fiction… Read more →


Evangelizing the Cosmos: Science Documentaries and the Dangers of Wonder Overload

Any fan of popular science would be excused if they felt as if they were currently experiencing “wonder overload.” The concept of “wonder” has become omnipresent across the science and entertainment landscape but it has particularly found a home in contemporary science documentaries. Wonder certainly plays a central role as a framing device for the recent Cosmos re-boot presented by… Read more →