Exploring the relationship between science and entertainment media


Cinematic Visions of Brain Injury, Amnesia, and the Art of Remembering

This post includes minor spoilers for the film Memento (2000) When it comes to reviewing films about characters with memory disorders, medical practitioners and neuroscientists are difficult to please. Entertainment films that deal with the topic of memory loss (amnesia) and other memory problems caused by neurological damage are routinely reviewed in medical and scientific journals including Advances in Clinical Neuroscience… Read more →


Stories about Science: Communicating Science Through Entertainment Media

This post originally appeared on the British Science Association Blog. At the recent Science Communication Conference in Manchester from 18-19 June, David A. Kirby featured on the panel session ‘What’s the story?’. David’s session delved into the story-telling sphere, divulging the secrets of telling a narrative in science. We are now in a golden age of science-based entertainment media. Every science-based… Read more →

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Neuroscientist at a SciComm Conference

This post originally appeared on Kira’s own blog: I Have A Gene: Shaping Neurology With Epigenetics What is a science communication conference? It depends on the host. It can be a discussion among scientists about how best to disseminate the knowledge in their field, it can be a workshop bringing together those interested in running science-themed events, or in this… Read more →


Entertaining Science… A Report from a Colloquy at the Intersection of Science & Entertainment

This post originally appeared on the CASTAC blog (Committee on the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing). As you read this post, members of a community of like-minded scholars are unwinding after a two-day symposium (Thursday 4 and Friday 5 June) at the UK’s University of Manchester. The Stories About Science – Exploring Science Communication and Entertainment Media symposium explored… Read more →


Stories About Science: Symposium Round-up

Last week (4th-5th June, 2015), a group of international scholars met at the Manchester Museum in Manchester, UK for a symposium titled, “Stories About Science: Exploring Science Communication and Entertainment Media.” Organised by the team behind the Science and Entertainment Laboratory (David A. Kirby, William R. Macauley, and Amy C. Chambers), the two-day event aimed to open up discussions surrounding… Read more →