Author: Sam A. Robinson

In the Heart of the Sea: Bringing the White Whale to the Silver Screen

Will Ron Howard’s new film Moby Dick In the Heart of the Sea be Hollywood’s (and specifically Warner Bros.’s) final attempt to adapt Herman Melville’s epic novel Moby Dick? The film seems to act as proof that it can’t be done; at least not in a way that includes the deep themes, philosophical points, and science of the novel. This… Read more →

Un-Natural Selection: Evolutionary Concepts in Horror Cinema

This post originally appeared on the Science & Religion: Exploring the Spectrum blog. Evolution doesn’t seem scary. It is the processes of change in heritable traits of biological entities over successive generations, which give rise to biological diversity between and within organisms. This isn’t something likely to make you cower behind your popcorn box at the multiplex. However, the horror… Read more →

Entertaining Science… A Report from a Colloquy at the Intersection of Science & Entertainment

This post originally appeared on the CASTAC blog (Committee on the Anthropology of Science, Technology, and Computing). As you read this post, members of a community of like-minded scholars are unwinding after a two-day symposium (Thursday 4 and Friday 5 June) at the UK’s University of Manchester. The Stories About Science – Exploring Science Communication and Entertainment Media symposium explored… Read more →

Stories About Science: Symposium Round-up

Last week (4th-5th June, 2015), a group of international scholars met at the Manchester Museum in Manchester, UK for a symposium titled, “Stories About Science: Exploring Science Communication and Entertainment Media.” Organised by the team behind the Science and Entertainment Laboratory (David A. Kirby, William R. Macauley, and Amy C. Chambers), the two-day event aimed to open up discussions surrounding… Read more →