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‘Talking Apes with Big-Ass Spears’: Violence, Science, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

**Contains minor spoilers** By 2011 I had already spent five years of postgraduate study researching the history and cultural interpretations of Planet of the Apes. I was very nervous about seeing Rise of the Planet of the Apes; it was released just a few weeks before I submitted my PhD and I knew I would have to make at least… Read more →

A Fistful of Science!

This post originally appeared on Physics Today. I study and write about movie science for a living. As such, family, friends and colleagues constantly ask me if I hate movies with “bad” science. To which I always answer: No! I hate bad movies regardless of whether the science is “good” or not! My book Lab Coats in Hollywood explores how… Read more →

The moon en plein aire

This post originally appeared on the Science and Entertainment Exchange’s X-Change Files blog. One of the key conclusions in my book Lab Coats in Hollywood is that scientist/filmmaker collaborations work best when the scientists and entertainment professionals clearly respect each other’s expertise. This means that the scientists, in particular, need to keep in mind that they know very little about… Read more →

Playing God: workshop round-up

By Alexander Hall (@Green_Gambit) Over the weekend just gone (31st May – 1st June), a group of international scholars met at the Cornerhouse in Manchester for a workshop titled, “Playing God: Exploring the Intersections between Science, Religion and Entertainment Media.” Organised by the team behind the Science and Entertainment Laboratory, the two-day event aimed to begin a dialogue with those working… Read more →

The Role of Scientific Integrity in Cinematic Science

This post originally appeared on Berfrois. For most people, the start of the summer blockbuster season would not be an ideal time to be examining movies for their scientific verisimilitude. Big, silly popcorn flicks are about explosions, muscled men in tights fighting CGI creatures, and witty one liners from action heroes, not about scientific integrity. Yet, there I was in… Read more →