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The Twelve Days of Science Entertainment

The Holidays are full of festive cheer, presents, and… science. We managed to put together a list of new and classic Christmas film and television offerings that incorporate or engage with science (at least vaguely – give us some leeway, it’s Christmas!). Comment below if there’s anything that you think we missed! For twelve days over Christmas, The Science Entertainment… Read more →

Visions of the Afterlife and Transhumanist Wet Dreams

***Warning: Post contains spoilers for the films Avatar (2009) and Transcendence (2014)*** Death is a staple of human existence and it should come as no surprise that throughout history, human communities have developed narratives and practices to cope with death and imagine and enact a possible afterlife. Today, one arena where such narratives are acted out is popular culture and… Read more →

Nature Swipes Back: The Return of an Environmentally Conscious Cinema

On a recent trip to this year’s Film & History conference I presented my current research in a paper called ‘From Sacred to Scientific: Charlton Heston’s Second Golden Age’. The fascinating post-paper discussion revolved around eco dystopian cinema, with a focus on my work on Soylent Green and Omega Man. Following a discussion of the connections between epics and science… Read more →